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Volume 30 • Number 4

October 2016



The Moral Standing of Modus Vivendi Arrangements

by Fabian Wendt

While John Rawls made the notion of modus vivendi arrangements prominent in political philosophy, he treats them rather short and dismissively. Some political theorists like John Gray, on the other hand, praise modus vivendi arrangements as the only available and legitimate goal of politics. In this article, I would like to present the outlines of a different, more nuanced view of modus vivendi arrangements and their moral standing.

     I start with some brief remarks on what modus vivendi arrangements are, and what I mean by "moral standing." Modus vivendi arrangements are, first of all, institutions that enable us to live together in peace under circumstances of disagreement and conflict. They usually take the form of rules and laws. Peace should be understood, roughly, as the stable absence of violence.

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