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Volume 27 • Number 3

July 2013



Economic Freedom and the ACA

by Jessica Flanigan

More than half of all Americans receive health insurance from their employers. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) in part aims to preserve and expand employer-based health coverage. The ACA requires that employers with at least fifty full-time employees either provide their employees with approved health insurance plans or pay a shared responsibility fee that contributes to the cost of providing health care for each full-time employee. The ACA also requires that employer-provided health insurance cover particular services.

I argue that the employer-based coverage requirements of the ACA are unjust. States should seek ways of promoting public health that do not limit workers' options. Though states are morally required to provide citizens with access to affordable health care, states must also take care not to violate important economic liberties in the pursuit of social aims like public health, especially when these goals can be met without unduly limiting workers' options.

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